Baby Tableware

baby tableware

Tableware includes spoon & fork set, bowl, drinking bottle, milk powder container.

Spoon & fork set can help to train the coordination of baby tooth, hands and eyes, suit for multi-faceted promotion of baby sensory development. Soft and non-slip handles are specially designed by baby hands, easy to grip.

Bowl is with good insulation performance and easy to control baby food intake. Do not suggest that use adult bowls for baby, easy cause bacterial infection.

Drinking bottle is made of food grade PP material, safe for baby. With scales on bottle, parents can control baby`s water intake, avoid excessive drinking.

Milk powder container is with delicate layered design, convenient and healthy, easy for mom to carry outdoor or use in night. Three layers pack, no need for temporary measurement, sealed without leakage. Each layer has a lid, can keep container clean and do not stick to lower layer.

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