Breast Pump

breast pump

Every mom`s feeding situation is unique. If you are going back to work and primarily breastfeeding, you will definitely need a pump. Some moms also like to pump so they can share feeding duty with their partner or other family members; that way, you can get a break and allow your little one to have bonding time with another adult.

Breast Pump is designed for occasional use away from your baby. This comfortable and lightweight breast pump is ideal and helps you stay connected by providing what`s best for your baby even when you`re not there. Breast pump includes bottle, pump, bottle base and lid, BPA free, with bottle you can pump directly into.

Packed in color box or gift box, OEM is possible, Let we know your demand, suitable recommendation would be provided within 2 days. Quality is our culture, service is also what we emphasis. Choose us, you just give order, we will do the following all things, keep you posted on order details periodically, and delivery on time.


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