PPSU Feeding Bottle

PPSU feeding bottle

PPSU material or polyphenylsulfone is used in many medical, aerospace and dental devices. It has a superior toughness and impact strength and can withstand over 1,000 cycles of steam sterilization without any significant loss of properties. PPSU is with high heat resistance and excellent durability, BPA Free, does not stain or absorb odors. The innovative one-piece venting system is designed to reduce air intake and colic symptoms. This internal system is the easiest-to-clean and reassemble. During bottle assembly, there`s no need to touch the part of the vent that comes in direct contact with breast milk or formula making it hygienically superior.

Passing EN14350 test, BPA Free, food grade, anti-colic silicone nipple, microwave safe, spill proof, unbreakable, easy hold, with handle are what PPSU nursing bottle have, with wide neck opening easy for filling and cleaning. PPSU milk bottles are significantly more expensive than PP and PES bottles, but if you are willing to spend on milk bottles that your baby uses 5-6 times a day every day, this makes for a worthy investment. Despite its supreme durability, it is advisable to change your PPSU milk bottles yearly.

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